Sunday, 28 May 2017

15:00 - 19:00

Registration at Conference Center


Monday, 29 May 2017

8:30 - 17:00

Registration at Conference Center





9:00 - 9:30

Opening Ceremony

Lecture Hall

Session 1-1  Plenary Talk        Chair: Bengt Sunden       Lecture Hall

9:30 -10:15

Joshi, Y. K.

129: Mitigating Hot Spots in Planar and Three-Dimensional (3D) Microelectronics Using Liquid Cooling




Keynote Lecture 1-1

Chair: Darrell Pepper

Lecture Hall


Patankar, S. V.

274: When Computers Get Hot: The Cooling Problem in Data Centers




Keynote Lecture 1-2

Chair: Leonid A. Dombrovsky

Room B


Menguc, P.

111: Impact of Computational Radiation Transfer on Science, Engineering and Society




Keynote Lecture 1-3

Chair: Assunta Andreozzi

Room C


Timchenko, V.

162: Numerical Investigations of Turbulent Natural Convection in Open Ended Channels

11:10 - 11:30

Coffee Break

11:30 - 13:00

Session 1-2-A  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer I       Chair: Li  Q. Wang     Lecture Hall

11:30 - 11:52

Garg, A.; Bhattacharya, A.

004: Finite Element Analysis of Thermal and Material Flow Behavior During Friction Stir Spot Welding

11:52 - 12:14

Dong, W.; Zheng, M.; Guo, Z.; Lei, G.

013: Numerical Investigation of the Heat and Mass Transfer on Anti-Icing Surface

12:14 - 12:36

Tonini, S.; Cossali, G. E.

045: Moving Boundary Problem for Heating and Evaporation of a Spherical Drop

12:36 - 12:58

Guo, J.; Hu, F.; Jiang, X.; Liu, Z.; Li, P.; Zheng, C.

074: Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Gas and Particle Radiation in Oxy-Fuel Combustion

11:30 - 13:00

Session 1-2-B  Forced Convection I                                                               Chair: Oronzio Manca           Room A

11:30 - 11:45

Vatani, A.; Woodfield, P.; Nguyen, N. T.; Dao, D.

042: Thermomagnetic Convection of Ferrofluid Under An Internal Non-Uniform Magnetic Field

11:45 - 12:00

Iasiello, M.; Cunsolo, S.; Bianco, N.; Chiu, W. K. S.; Naso, V.

049: Thermally Developed Flow in Open-Cell Foams: A Pore-Scale Analysis

12:00 - 12:15

Tassone, A.; Nobili, M.; Caruso, G.

053: Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Study of the Mhd Flow Around a Cylinder in Case of Bounding Walls with Non-Uniform Electrical Conductivity

12:15 - 12:30

Jünger, A.; Riehl, I.; Fieback, T.; Gross, U.

087: Reduced Models for Calculation of Radiation-Tube Burners - the Deflecting Zone

12:30 - 12:45

Nasif, G.; Barron, R.; Balachandar, R.

101: Boundary Effect onto the Heat Transfer Coefficient

12:45 - 13:00

Khayat, R. E.; Zobaer , A.; Wang, Y.

160: Thermal Convection of Complex Fluids

11:30 - 13:00

Session 1-2-C  Radiation Panel                                                               Chair: Leonid A. Dombrovsky          Room B

11:30- 11:52

Soufiani, A.; Rivičre, P.; Perrin, M.

154: Radiative Transfer in Mars Atmospheric Entry Flows

11:52 - 12:14

Mora-Monteros, J.; Banerji, N.; Fahy, E.; Haussener, S.

131: Computational Heat Transfer for Thermal Protection Systems in Space Applications

12:14 - 12:37

Dombrovsky, L. A.; Reviznikov, D. L.; Kryukov, A. P.; Levashov, V. Y.

134: A New Concept of a Solar Probe Shielding from Intense Thermal Radiation of the Sun

12:37 - 13:00

Lipiński, W.

149: Advances in Computational Heat Transfer for High-Temperature Solar Energy Applications

11:30 - 13:00

Session 1-2-D   Computational Heat and Mass Transport in Biological Systems I                 Chair: Victoria Timchenko   Room C

11:30 - 11:48

Singh, S.; Repaka, R.

006: Thermal Characterization Using Fourier and Non-Fourier Conduction During Radiofrequency Ablation of Breast Tumor

11:48 - 12:06

Nath, S. R.; Mubarak, M.; Bhowmik, A.; Shaija, A.

009: Predictive model for microalgae growth in continuous culture tubular photobioreactor: Effect of light and temperature

12:06 - 12:24

Nowak, A. J.; Rojczyk, M.; Klim, J.; Laszczyk, J.; Walas, W.

064: Computational and Experimental Analysis of Newborn Brain Cooling Process

12:24 - 12:42

Iasiello, M.; Vafai, K.; Andreozzi, A.; Bianco, N.

155: Thermodiffusion Effects on Ldl Deposition in a Curved Artery

12:42 - 13:00

Hasan, H. M.; Nithiarasu, P.

125: A Novel Implicit Locally Conservative Galerkin Method (ILCG) for Bioheat Transfer Calculations in a Human Body

13:00 - 14:15



Keynote Lecture 1-5

Chair: John C. Chai

Lecture Hall


Pepper, D. W.

150: Localized Double Adaptation Refinement vs Localized Meshless Methods for Convective Heat Transfer


Keynote Lecture 1-6

Chair: Renato M. Cotta

Room A


Acharya, S.

313: Heat Transfer in a Channel with Pin-Fins and Impingement


Keynote Lecture 1-7

Chair: Pinar Menguc

Room B


Coelho, P. J.

194: Thermoelectric Generator for Energy Recovery from the Exhaust Gases of Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Keynote Lecture 1-8

Chair: Li Q. Wang

Room C


Hooman, K.

325: Numerical, Experimental and Theoretical Study of Evaporative Cooling Using Saline Water

15:10 - 16:40

Session 1-3-A  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer II       Chair: Carolina P. Naveira-Cotta   Lecture Hall

15:10 - 15:28

Zeidi, S. M. J.; Dulikravich, G. S.; Reddy, S. R.; Darvish, S.

102: Effects of Needle Lift and Fuel Type on Cavitation Formation and Heat Transfer Inside Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle

15:28 - 15:46

Ma, R.; Yao, W.; Wang, C.; Lu, X.

216: Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Tube Size and Cross-Section Shape on Capillary Flow Under Microgravity

15:46 - 16:04

Eichler, D.; Pischke, P.; Kneer, R.

186: Modeling of Collisional Surface Production/Destruction Terms Within the Σ-Y Eulerian Spray Atomization Model

16:04 - 16:22 

Le, Q. D.; Besagni, G.; Inzoli, F.; Mereu, R.

187: Numerical Investigation of Flash Boiling Flow Inside Nozzle



15:10 - 16:40

Session 1-3-B  Forced Convection II                                                             Chair: Moghtada Mobedi           Room A

15:10 - 15:35

Aravind, G. P.; Gokul, S.; Deepu, M.

116: Numerical Study on Convective Heat Transfer Enhancement by Vortex Interactions

15:35- 16:00

Ricci, D.; Battista, F.; Natale, P.; Fragiacomo, M.

182: Numerical Simulations on the Cooling Jacket Channel of a Regeneratively Cooled Liquid Rocket Engine

16:00- 16:25

Vocale, P.; Bozzoli, F.; Mocerino, A.; Rainieri, S.

184: Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Wall Corrugated Tube



15:10 - 16:40

Session 1-3-C  Radiation I                                                                     Chair:   Pedro J. M. Coelho          Room B

15:10 - 15:28

Sakly, A.; Mazgar, A.; Ben Nejma, F.

050: Entropy Generation Analysis Due To Heat and Mass Transfer Within a Channel

15:28 - 15:46

Yadav, R.; Balaji, C.; Venkateshan, S. P.

078: Analysis of Radiative Transfer in Body Fitted Axisymmetric Geometries with Band Models and Anisotropic Scattering

15:46 - 16:04

Solovjov, V. P.; Andre, F.; Lemonnier, D.;  Webb, B. W.

103: The Scaled Slw Model of Gas Radiation in Non-Uniform Media

16:04 - 16:22 

Gonome, H.; Watanabe, K.; Kono, T.; Yamada, J.

120: Numerical Analysis for Lighting by Using Optical Fiber

16:22 - 16:40

Patel, V. M.; Talukdar, P.

015: A Combined Analytical-Numerical Model To Determine Radiative Properties of Tetrakaidecahedra Cell Structure



15:10 - 16:40

Session 1-3-D   Computational Heat and Mass Transport in Biological Systems II                 Chair: Assunta Andreozzi   Room C

15:10 - 15:32

Oliveira, I, L.; Dias, A. D. S. L.; Militzer, J.; Del Rio, E. R. V.; Gasche, J. L.; Baccin, C. E.; Shankar, J.

201: Rupture Risk Prediction of Intracranial Aneurysms Using Open Source CFD Software

15:32 - 15:54

Gu, X.; Timchenko, V.; Yeoh, G. H.; Dombrovsky, L. A.; Taylor, R.

203: Heat Generation in Gold Nanorods Solutions Due To Absorption of Near-Infrared Radiation

15:54 - 16:16

Andreozzi, A.; Iasiello, M.; Netti, P.

276: Hyperthermia Effects on Macroscopic Fluid Transport in Solid Tumors

16:16 - 16:38 

Costa, M.; La Villetta, M.; Mauro, A.; Piazzullo, D.; Rocco, V.

284: A One-Dimensional Steady Model for Downdraft Biomass Gasifiers

16:40 - 17:00

Coffee Break

17:00 - 18-30

Session 1-4-A  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer III      Chair: Oronzio Manca                 Lecture Hall

17:00 - 17:18

Bhardwaj, U.; Das, S. P.

195: Computational Insights in To Sustainability of Oscillations in a Single Branch Pulsating Heat Pipe

17:18 - 17:36

Etaig, S. ; Hasan, R.; Perera, N.; Ramadan, A.

199: Investigation of the Effect of Brownian Motion on the Flow Characteristic in Natural Convection Using Different Nanofluids

17:36 - 17:54

Swaidan, A.; Fichot, F.; Quintard, M.

200: Two Phase Flow Redistribution in a Contrasting Permeability Two-Layered Porous Medium

17:54 - 18:12

Miyake, H.; Mamori, H.; Fukushima, N.; Yamamoto, M.; Matsudaira, N.; Iwasaki, M.; Hara, J.

205: Numerical Simulation on Thermophoretic Deposition of Nano Particles in Rectangular Duct with a Flat Plate

18:12 - 18:30

Mishra, A. K.; Kumar, S.; Sharma, R. V.

072: Influence of Property Variation on Natural Convection in a Cubic Box Filled with Heat Generating Porous Medium



17:00 - 18-30

Session 1-4-B  Forced Convection III                                                                     Chair: Daniele Ricci           Room A

17:00 - 17:18

Saxon, M.; Kumar, P.; Vaidyanathan , A.

230: A Computational Study To Investigate the Onset of Heat Transfer Deterioration for a Trans-Critical Methane Flow in a Rocket Engine Coolant Channel

17:18 - 17:36

Sunakraneni, S.; Puliyeri, V.; Prakash, A.

255: Numerical Studies on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics for Flow Past Two Tandem Elliptic Cylinders

17:36 - 17:54

Kashi, B.; Haustein, H. D.

307: The Importance of Nozzle Length and Issuing Velocity Profile in Submerged Impinging Jets Heat Transfer

17:54 - 18:12 

Naik, H.; Tiwari, S.

308: Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Surface-Mounted Circular Cylinders Having Inline and Staggered Arrangements

18:12 - 18:30

Lee, K. H.; Park, G. C.

311: Development of Jet Impingement Model To Improve Mars for Mixing Behavior in a Downcomer



17:00 - 18-30

Session 1-4-C  Radiation II                                                                                Chair:   Myriam Lazard          Room B

17:00 - 17:22

Shine, S. R.; Pandey, U.; Chacko, M. J.

168: Review of Modelling of Plume Radiation from Solid Rocket Motor

17:22 - 17:44

Ge, W.; Ren, T.; Modest, M. F.; Roy, S. P.; Haworth, D. C.

061: Application of High-Order Spherical Harmonics Methods for Radiative Transfer in Simulation of a Turbulent Jet Flame

17:44 - 18:06

Ren, T.; Modest, M. F.

069: Line-By-Line Random-Number Database for Photon Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiation in Combustion System

18:06 - 18:28 

Hajimirza, S.; Lu, J.

310: Surrogate-Based Optimization of a Folded Solar Cell Structure with Enhanced Optical Efficiency



17:00 - 18-30

Session 1-4-D   Conduction Heat Transfer I                                                             Chair: Biagio Morrone   Room C

17:00 - 17:22

Jamshidi, M.; Ghazanfarian, J.

018: Development of Dpl-Based Heat Conduction Solver for Multi-Layered Arbitrary Shapes: Nano- and Bio- Case Studies

17:22 - 17:44

Quintero, A. E.; Vera, M.; Hermanns, M.

062: Understanding the Role of Axial Wall Conduction in Mini-/Micro-Counterflow Heat Exchangers

17:44 - 18:06

Hermanns, M.; Munoz, D.; Ibanez, S.; Vera, M.

077: Experimental Parameter Identification in Thermo-Active Foundations Assisted by Numerical Simulations

18:06 - 18:28 

Chen, B.; Li, N.

214: Simplification of a Kind of Composite Structure


Welcome Cocktail

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

8:30 - 17:00

Registration at Conference Center


Session 2-1  Plenary Talk                                          Chair: Yogesh Jaluria                                           Lecture Hall 

9:00 - 9:30

Carasi, B.

326: Simulating Heat Transfer Phenomena with COMSOL Multiphysics

9:30 - 10:00

Plenary Session on Spalding's Memorial: A. Runchal,  A Tribute to an Exceptional Life – Brian Spalding     Chair: Suhas Patankar      Lecture Hall




Keynote Lecture 2-1

Chair: Gennady Ziskind

Lecture Hall


Vanka, P.

297: Transport Processes in Continuous Casting of Steel




Keynote Lecture 2-2

Chair: Neima Brauner

Room A


Nonino, C.

023: Numerical Prediction of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Cross-Flow Micro Heat Exchangers




Keynote Lecture 2-3

Chair: Kamel Hooman

Room B


Cotta, R. M.

252: Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem Approach in the Hybrid Integral Transforms Analysis of Convection-Diffusion Problems

10:55 - 11:40

Coffee Break & Poster Session                                                                Hall


Tang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Li, Y.; Fu, W.; Wu, H.

012: Numerical Simulation and Auxiliary Entraiment of Steam Ejectors


Turan, O.; Chakraborty, N.

020: The Comparision of the Effects of Top and Bottom Wall Heating on Mixed Convection of Yield Stress Fluids in a Cylindrical Container with Rotating End Wall


Goel, P.; Nayak, A. K.; Joshi, J. B.

029: To Study the Bundle Effect in Heat Transfer Using CFD


Kortsenshteyn, N. ; Yastrebov, A.

055: Bulk Condensation of Supersaturated Vapor in Dust-Laden Flow


Aghbari, A.; Ali Agha, H.; Sadaqui, D.

060: Viscous Dissipation Effect for Double Diffusive Free Convection Flow Past a Vertical Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium Saturated with a Nanofluid


Kaneda, M.; Suga, K.

070: Natural Convection of Paramagnetic Fluid Between Parallel Plates Under Strong Magnetic Field


Segal, V.; Ullmann, A; Brauner, N.

095: Simulation of the Nucleation and Domain Growth During Phase Transition of Partially Miscible Solvent Systems with Off-Critical Compstion


Omara, A.; Bourouis, A.; Abboudi, S.

097: Natural Convection in a Square Porous Cavity with Linearly Heated Side Wall Using a Thermal Nonequilibrium Model


Tian, X.; Wang, L.

109: Multiplicity and Stability of Convection in Microchannels


Zamolo, R.; Nobile, E.

124: Numerical Solution of Heat Conduction Problems by Means of a Meshless Method with Proper Point Distributions


D'Alessandro, G.; de Monte, F.

126: Intrinsic Verification of An Exact Analytical Solution in Transient Heat Conduction for Numerical Codes Verification


Thebault, M.; Giroux-Julien, S.; Menezo, C.; Timchenko, V.

130: Natural Convective Flow Analysis in Vertical Channel


Jurado, R.; Pallarés, J.; Gavaldŕ, F.; Ruiz, X.

140: on the Impact of Reboosting Manoeuvers in Dcmix1 Experiments: Pure Molecular Diffusion of Ternary Liquid Systems


Jurado, R.; Dubert, D.; Simón, M. J.; Pallarés, J.; Gavaldŕ, F.; Ruiz, X.

141: Further Considerations about Double-Diffusive Convection in Ternary Systems DCMIX1 Type


Franz, B.; Stephan, P.

142: Numerical Simulation of Nucleate Boiling in Microgravity in Presence of a Shear Flow


Bender, A.; Stephan, P.; Gambaryan-Roisman, T.

143: Numerical Investigation of Stability and Evolution of An Evaporating Liquid Film on a Heated Structured Wall


Buonomo, B.; Cirillo, L.; Manca, O.; Nardini, S.

144: A Numerical and Experimental Analysis on Confined Impinging Round Jets in Porous Media


Bianco, V.; Diana, A.; Manca, O.; Nardini, S.

153: Radiation Effect on Transient Natural Convection in Ventilated Roofs


Mihailov, E.; Kazakova, N.

185: Modeling of Bloc’S Solidification and Heat Transfer During the Technological Processes in Ferrous Metallurgy


Scala, F.; Galloni, E.

197: Numerical Investigations on the Performance of An Engine Fueled with Gasoline-Nbutanol Blends


Indulakshmi, B.; Madhu, G.

231: Dynamic Thermal Modeling and Simulation of Electronics Cooling System with Latent Heat Storage Encapsulation


Andreozzi, A.; Buonomo, B.; Ercole, D.; Manca, O.

249: Heat Transfer Behaviors of Parallel Squared Channel System for Latent Heat Thermal Energy


 D'Agostino, D.; Marino, C.; Minichiello, F.; Russo, F.

269: Heat Recovery in Air Conditioning Systems for Office Buildings


Massarotti, N.; Mauro, A.; Sainas, D.; Sergio, M.; Rossetti, A.

285: CFDModelling of Operating Theater


Cavuoto, F.; Marotta, P.; Massarotti, N.; Mauro, A.; Normino, G.

288: Artificial Ground Freezing: Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena


Bhowmick, S.; Leo, O.;  Iodice, M.; Musto, M.; Rotondo, G.

291: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Micro-Heaters Array for Pyroelectric Effect Control


Diglio, G.; Sasso, M.; Roselli, C.; Jawali, U.

292: Numerical Study on the Influence of Nanofluids on the Borehole Heat Exchanger Thermal Resistance


Ciarmiello, M.; Morrone, B.; Trasacco, F.

294: Thermal Investigation of Baking Neapolitan Pizzas in Innovative Electric Oven


Ushijima, S.; Toriu, D.

254: Parallel computation method for momentum and heat interactions between fluids and complicated-shaped solids

11:40 - 13:10

Session 2-2-A  on Spalding's Memorial                                                        Chair: Pratap S. Vanka     Lecture Hall

11:40 - 11:58

Parameswaran, S.

317: What I Learned from Professor Spalding

11:58 - 12:16

Runchal, A.

318: Origins and Development of the Finite Volume CFD Method At Imperial College

12:16 - 12:34

Jaluria, Y.

319: Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Complex Thermal Processes

12:34 - 12:52

Pepper, D. W.

320: Finite Element Versus Finite Volume - Remembering Brian Spalding

12:52 - 13:10

Vanka, P.

315: Numerical Computations of Three-Dimensional Flows in Curved and Rotating Ducts



11:40 - 13:10

Session 2-2-B  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer IV     Chair: Sergei Sazhin           Room A

11:40 - 12:02

Mills, Z. G.; Alexeev, A.

240: Modeling Fouling Layer Growth in Egr Heat Exchangers

12:02 - 12:24

Jeon, B. G.; Ryu, S.; Kim, S.; Euh, D. J.

267: CFD Analysis of Steam Jet Injection Inside a Water-Filled Tank

12:24 - 12:46

Zubkov, V.; Cossali, G. E.; Tonini, S.; Crua, C.; Sazhin, S. S.

271: Modelling of Heating and Evaporation of Spheroidal Droplets

12:46 - 13:08

Sazhin, S. S.; Al Qubeissi, M.; Heikal, M.

272: Modelling of Spherical Automotive Droplet Heating and Evaporation: Recent Developments

11:51 - 12:09

Mohammed, H. I.; Giddings, D.; Walker, G. S.; Power, H.

022: CFD Multiphase Modelling for the Nanofluid Boiling of the Salt Solution in a Symmetric Rectangular Boiler



11:40 - 13:10

Session 2-2-C   Natural Convection I                                                                      Chair: Carlo Nonino        Room C

11:40 - 11:58

Yigit, S.; Turan, O.; Chakraborty, N.

031: Natural Convection of Power-Law Fluids in Rectangular Cross-Sectional Cylindrical Annular Enclosures

11:58- 12:16

Kumar, M.; Natarajan, G.

113: Diffuse Interface Immersed Boundary Method for Thermobuoyant Flows with Magnetic Field

12:16 - 12:34

Terekhov, V. I., Ekaid, A. L.; Yassin, K. F.

127: The Effect of Rib Width on the Laminar Natural Convection Between Two Vertical Parallel Isothermal Plates Heated Symmetrically

12:34 - 12:52

Barletta, A.; Celli, M.

174: on Gill’S Stability Problem with Internal Heating

12:52 - 13:10

Sharma, D.; Erriguible, A.; Amiroudine, S.

046: Numerical Modelling of Thermo-Vibrational Instabilities in Supercritical Fluids



11:40 - 13:10

Session 2-2-D  Conduction Heat Transfer II                                                       Chair: Sergio Nardini          Room B

11:40 - 12:25

Reddy, S. R.; Dulikravich, G. S.; Zeidi, J. S. M.

106: Inverse Determination of Spatially Varying Thermal Capacity and Thermal Conductivity in Arbitrary 2D Objects

12:25 - 13:10

Chaube, S.; Bajpai, V.

236: Numerical Analysis of Casting Solidification and Particle Entrapment in a Continuous Billet Caster



13:10 - 14:15





Session 2-2  Plenary Talk        Chair: Samuel Paolucci       Lecture Hall 

14:15 - 15:00

Wang, L. Q.

093: Heat Transfer with Thermal Waves and Resonance



15:10 - 16:40

Session 2-3-A  on Spalding's Memorial                                                      Chair: Akshai Runchal     Lecture Hall

15:10 - 15:28

Patankar, S. V.

321: Lessons Learned from Professor Brian Spalding

15:28 - 15:46

Beale, S. B.

322: Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies of Fuel Cells

15:46 - 16:04

Dzodzo, M. B.

323: Examples of Testing and Implementation of Numerical Concepts in General Purpose CFD Program

16:04 - 16:22

Patankar, S. V.

324: Professor Spalding’S Profound Impact on Computational Heat Transfer

16:22 - 16:40

Rodi, W.

316: The Role of Brian Spalding in the Early Days of Turbulence Model Development



15:10 - 16:40

Session 2-3-B  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer V     Chair: Biagio Morrone           Room A

15:10 - 15:28

Cordiner, S.; Manni, A.; Mulone, V.; Rocco, V.

282: Biomass Fast Pyrolysis At Laboratory Scale: Residence Time and Heating Up Evaluation in a Screw Reactor by Means of a Dem Approach

15:28 - 15:46

Piazzullo, D.; Costa, M.; Allocco, L.; Montanaro, A.;  Rocco, V.

283: Modelling of Gasoline Spray Impact Against Hot Surfaces and Transient Heat Transfer Effects on Phase Transition

15:46 - 16:04

Ramasamy, V.; Richardson, E.; Reed, P.; Hepples, W.; Wheeler, A.

157: Exploitation of Phase Change Materials for Temperature Control During the Fast Filling of Hydrogen Cylinders

16:04 - 16:22

Arpino, F.; Cortellessa, G.; Dell'Isola, M.; Massarotti, N.; Scungio, M.

278: Two-Phase Explicit Cbs Procedure for Fluid Flow Transport in Porous Media

16:22 - 16:40

Woitalka, A., Ingo Thomas, I., Freko, P., Solouki A.

328: Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation of Plate Fin Heat Exchangers Using OPTISIM®



15:10 - 16:40

Session 2-3-C  Numerical Modeling of Melting and Solidification                                      Chair: Gennady Ziskind          Room B

15:10 - 15:32

Kozak, Y.; Ziskind, G.

054: An Enthalpy Method for Melting with Solid Bulk Motion and Convection in the Melt

15:32 - 15:54

Azad, M.; Groulx, D.; Donaldson, A.

067: A Study of the Onset of Natural Convection During Melting of Pcms in a Cylindrical Enclosure

15:54 - 16:16

Yang, C.; Wang, C.; Huang, S.; Chu, R.; Lan, M.; Wang, C.

091: Numerical Examination and Verification of the Directional Solidification of Silicon Ingot

16:16 - 16:38

Kasibhatla, R. R.; König-Haagen, A.; Brüggemann, D.

270: Numerical Modelling of Convection Driven Melting Using the General Enthalpy Approach



15:10 - 16:40

Session 2-3-D Advanced Computational Techniques I                              Chair: Giulio Croce     Room C

15:10 - 15:32

Badri, M. A.; Favennec, Y.; Jolivet, P.; Le Hardy, D.; Le Corre, S.; Rousseau, B.

021: Spatial Versus Angular Parallelization for Solution of Radiative Transfer Equation in Participating Media

15:32 - 15:54

Shilnikov, E. V.; Elizarova, T. G.

192: Hypersonic Flows Simulation Using Parallel Program Complex “Express-3D”

15:54 - 16:16

Manik, J.; Parmananda, M.; Kotoky, S.; Borgohain, P.; Dalal, A.; Natarajan, G.

209: Lessons from Anupravaha: Towards a General Purpose Computational Framework on Hybrid Unstructured Meshes for Multiphysics Applications

16:16 - 16:38

Manca, O.; Manca, R.

304: K-Dimensional Matrices in Numerical Solution of Diffusion Problems



16:40 - 17:00

Coffee Break



17:00 - 18:30

Session 2-4-A  on Spalding's Memorial  Panel                                                 Chair: Suhas Patankar     Lecture Hall



17:00 - 18:30

Session 2-4-B  Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer VI    Chair: Nicola Bianco        Room A

17:00 - 17:30

Mancaruso, E.; Sequino, L.; Vaglieco, B. M.

191: Evaluation of the Heat of Vaporization of a Fuel Spray in a Research Engine Via Infrared Imaging At Different Wavelengths

17:30- 18:00

Bhusare, V. H.; Khan, Z.; Joshi, J. B.

299: Budget for Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Energy Dissipation Rate in Bubble Column Reactors

18:00 - 18:30

Wang, Q.; Gu, J.; Yao, W.

161: Modelling of Subcooled Boiling Covering a Wide Range of Pressures and Validation of the Wall Heat Flux Partitioning Method



17:00 - 18:30

Session 2-4-C  Computations in Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer I               Chair: Giulio Croce         Room B

17:00 - 17:15

Gu, X.; Emerson, D. R.

082: Thermally Induced Flow Between Two Micro-Eccentric Cylinders

17:15 - 17:30

Croce, G.; Coppola, M. A.; D'Agaro, P.

104: Porous Media Modelization of Micro Scale, Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger

17:30 - 17:45

Nicolas; X.; Chénier, E.; Tchekiken, C.; Lauriat, G.

152: Gas Flows with Heat Transfer in Micro Channels: Clarifications About the Nusselt Number

17:45 - 18:00

Kishna, M.; Shine, S. R.; Deepu, M.

167: Numerical Investigation of Wavy Microchannels with Rectangular Cross Section

18:00 - 18:15

Nandakrishnan, S. L.; Deepu, M.; Shine, S. R.

170: Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement in Diverging Dimpled Microchannel with Al2O3-Water Nano Fluid

18:15 - 18:30

Pontes, P. C.; Almeida, A. P.; Naveira-Cotta, C. P.; Cotta, R. M.

253: Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem Approach in the Integral Transforms Analysis of Metal Separation by Polymeric Diffusive Membranes



17:00 - 18:30

Session 2-4-D   Energy and Environmental System I                                    Chair: Nicola Massarotti        Room C

17:00 - 17:15

Tian, X.; Wang, L.

048: Entropy Analysis of Heat Conduction

17:15 - 17:30

Lee, S. N.; Tak, N.; Kim, M.

138: Advance in Computational Heat Transfer in a Prismatic Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor Core

17:30 - 17:45

Elperin, T.; Fominykh, A.; Katra, I.; Krasovitov, B.

145: Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer During Gas Adsorption by Aerosol Particles in Air Pollution Plumes

17:45 - 18:00

Yu, N.; Paolucci, S.

147: Model-Based Design Optimization and Predictive Control To Minimize Energy Consumption of a Building

18:00 - 18:15

Ivanov, N.; Ris, V.; Tschur, N.; Zasimova, M.

099: Effect of Gas Pipe Flow Direction on a Passive Subsea Cooler Effectiveness: Results of 3D Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation

18:15 - 18:30

Thattil, J. J.; Mathew, S. R.; Vyshak, S.; Baby, R.

258: Effect of Bipolar Plate Flow Channel on The Performance of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell : A Numerical Study




Gala Dinner




Wednesday, 31 May 2017

8:30 - 11:00

Registration at Conference Center

Session 3-1  Plenary Talk        Chair: Vincenzo Naso       Lecture Hall

9:00 - 9:45

Sunden, B.

115: on Simulations of Radiative Heat Transfer in Combustion Applications



  9:55 - 11:25

Session 3-1-A  Computations in Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer II                                 Chair: Huei Chu Weng     Lecture Hall

  9:55 - 10:13

Rozenfeld, T.; Vutha, A. K.; Wang, Y.; Ziskind, G.; Peles, Y.

224: Modelling of High-Speed Jet Cooling on Microscale

10:13 - 10:31

Weng, H. C.; Luo, G.

226: Particle Effects on Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids in a Microtube

10:31 - 10:49

Shomali, Z.; Ghazanfarian, J.; Abbassi, A.

262: Monte-Carlo Study of the Three Dimensional Silicon Mosfets

10:49 - 11:07

Abbood, S. A.; Wang, J.; Wu, Z.; Sunden, B.

268: Numerical Study of Natural Convection for Cu and TiO2 Nanofluids Inside Different Enclosures

11:07 - 11:25

Cheng, J.; Li, H.; Zhu, Z.; Tao, Z.

039: Numerical Simulation of Flow Transition in a Rectangular Microchannel



  9:55 - 11:25

Session 3-1-B  Energy and Environmental Systems II                                      Chair: Samuel Paolucci     Room A

  9:55 - 10:13

Bianco, V.; Scarpa, F.; Tagliafico, L.A.

132: Numerical Simulation of Water-Al2O3 Nanofluid Laminar Convection Flow

10:13 - 10:31

Lu, X.; Yao, W.; Ma, R.; Wang, C.

210: Numerical Investigation of Lunar Regolith Thermal Energy Storage in a Lunar Based Solar Thermal Power System

10:31 - 10:49

Pavăo, L. V.; Miranda, C. B.; Costa, C. B. B.; Ravagnani, M. A. S. S.

212: Synthesis of Multiperiod Heat Exchanger Networks with a Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Approach: Simulated Annealing and Rocket Fireworks Optimization

10:49 - 11:07

Irimescu, A.; Di Iorio, S.; Merola, S. S.; Sementa, P.; Vaglieco, B. M.

223: Numerical Investigation of Engine Speed and Fuel Composition Effects on Convective Heat Transfer in a Spark Ignition Engine Fueled with Methane-Hydrogen Blends

11:07 - 11:25

Ravagnani, M. A. S. S.; de Leon-Herrera, C. I.; Miranda, C. B.; Pavăo, L. V. ; Andrade, C. M. G.

238: Dynamic Simulation of Heat Exchanger Networks: Controllability and Resiliency Analysis



  9:55 - 11:25

Session 3-1-C   Natural Convection II                                                              Chair: Alexander Gelfgat        Room B

  9:55 - 10:13

Celli, M.; Barletta, A.

175: Viscous Dissipation Instability of Non-Newtonian Flow in a Horizontal Porous Channel

10:13 - 10:31

Song, Q.; Zhu, M. P.; Chen, X. L., Ma, R.; Wang, G.

181: The Thermal Simulation About Stratospheric Airships in Complex External Environment

10:31 - 10:49

Rees, D. A. S.

189: Convective Flow of a Bingham Fluid in An Internally-Heated Enclosure

10:49 - 11:07

Barletta, A.; Rees, D. A. S.

279: Form-Drag Effects on Unstable Buoyant Flow in a Vertical Porous Layer with Open Boundaries

11:07 - 11:25

de Lemos, M. J. S.; Carvallho, P. H. S.

286: Buoyancy Ratio and Porosity Effects on Aiding and Opposing Double-Diffusive Convection in Porous Media



  9:55 - 11:25

Session 3-1-D         Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer VII            Chair: Oronzio Manca       Room C

  9:55 - 10:25

Low, Z. K.; Caron, A.; Lemarié, C.; Memponteil, A.

176: Computational Study of Mist Spray Systems for Air Coolers - An Analysis of Thermal Performance Improvements versus Water Consumption

10:25 - 10:55

Pandey, V.; Biswas, G.; Dalal, A.

218: Growth and Departure of a Single Bubble in Nucleate Boiling Regime

10:55 - 11:25

Bevilacqua, L.; Jiang M.

098: A New Approach for the Diffusion of a Single Class of Particles under Two Distinct Energy States



11:25 - 11:45

Coffee Break



11:45 - 13:15

Session 3-2-A                                Advanced Computational Techniques II                                      Chair: Darrell Pepper     Lecture Hall

11:45 - 12:07

Przulj, V.

213: on the Limiting of Gradients and the Finite Volume Discretization of Diffusion Fluxes on Unstructured Co--Located Grids

12:07 - 12:29

Du Toit, C.; Tak, N.; Niemand, P.; Kim, M.

051: Two Test Problems for the Verification and Validation of the Radiation, Conduction and Convection Capabilities of System Codes

12:29 - 12:51

Foroushani, S.; Wright, J.; Naylor, D.

008: Turbulent Free Convection in An Asymmetrically Heated Vertical Channel: A Three-Temperature Problem

12:51 - 13:13

Dugast, F.; Favennec, Y.; Josset, C.; Fan, Y.; Luo, L.

309: Adjoint Lattice Boltzmann Method for Thermal Flow Topology Optimization



11:45 - 13:15

Session 3-2-B                                           Energy and Environmental Systems III                          Chair: Francesco Calise     Room A

11:45 - 12:00

Hicdurmaz, S.; Tari, I.

256: Numerical Investigation of Thermal Energy Storage Performance of a Fluidized Sand Bed

12:00 - 12:15

Krishnan, N.; Dave, P.; Chakrapani, A; Rao, M. M.; Runchal, A. K.

257: Numerical Analysis of Borehole Heat Exchanger

12:15 - 12:30

Kim, K.; Choi, C.; Kwon, T.

265: Experimental and Numerical Study for Fin-Tube Coolability in a Hybrid Air Cooling Passive Residual Heat Removal System

12:30 - 12:45

Lokhmanets, I.; Baliga, B. R.

148: Hybrid Numerical Simulations of a Scaled-Down Simplified Model of a Transformer Cooling System

12:45 - 13:00

Li, Y.; Pailha, M.; Fraisse, G.; Ménézo, C.

178: Reversal Flow in An Inclined Heated Channel Inside a Closed Cavity: Application To Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heaters (Icsswh)

13:00 - 13:15

Krukovskyi, P., Metel, M., Sklyarenko, D., Deineko, A., Polubinskyi, A.

312: 3D CFD Modeling of Thermalgasdynamic, Humidity and Radioactive State of the New Safe Confinement and Destroyed Reactor #4 of the Chernobyl NPP (computational aspects)



11:45 - 13:15

                  Session 3-2-C Computations in Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer III                                              Chair: Xavier Nicolas    Room B

11:45 - 12:00

Siddique, A. ; Sharma, A.; Agrawal, A.; Saha, S.

040: Numerical Study of Bubble Growth and Heat Transfer in Microchannel Using Dynamic Contact Angle Models

12:00 - 12:15

Raees ul Haq, M.; Li, Y.; Zeng, Z.; Zhao, L.

047: Numerical Study of Electrokinetic Effects on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels with Sinusoidal Wall Temperature

12:15 - 12:30

Loganathan, R.; Gedupudi, S.

058: Numerical Studies on Single-Phase Micro-Channel Heat Sinks with Multiple Inlets Along the Channel

12:30 - 12:45

Goswami, P.; Chakraborty, S.

075: Heat Transfer Characteristics of An Electroosmotic Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid in Slit Microchannel

12:45 - 13:00

Jia, Y.; Xia, G.; Li, Y.; Zong, L.

081: Heat Transfer in Combined Microchannel with Cone-Shaped Micro Pin Fins Based on Entropy Generation Analysis

13:00 - 13:15

Etaig, S.; Hasan, R.; Perera, N.; Ramadan, A.

198: Flow Characteristics and Heat Transfer Performance of Magnesium Oxide-Water Nanofluid in the Entrance Region in Circular Cross Section Microchannel


Free Afternoon

Thursday, 1 June 2017

8:30 - 11:00

Registration at Conference Center




Session 4-1  Plenary Talk     Chair: Wilson K. S. Chiu       Lecture Hall

9:00 - 9:45

Massarotti, N.

273: Modelling Thermal and Fluid-Dynamic Phenomena in the Combustion Chambers of Incineration Plants



9:55 -10:40

Keynote Lecture 3-1

Chair: Moghtada Mobedi

Lecture Hall


Gelfgat, A.

163: Oscillatory Instability of Natural Convection of Air in a Laterally Heated Cube: DNS vs Linear Stability Analysis



9:55 -10:40

Keynote Lecture 3-2

Chair: Vincenzo Bianco

Room A


Haussener, S.

014: Thermal Management of Concentrated Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Devices



9:55 -10:40

Keynote Lecture 3-3

Chair: George J. Nelson

Room B


 Chiu, W. K. S.

017: The Role of 3-D Structure on Heat and Mass Transfer in Energy Materials



10:40 - 11:00

Coffee Break



11:00 - 11:45

Keynote Lecture 3-4

Chair: Sophia Haussener

Room A


Nelson, G. J.

305: Transport in Battery Electrodes: Scaling Behavior Assessed Based on Real and Simulated Microstructures



11:00 - 11:45

Keynote Lecture 3-5

Chair: Sergio Nardini

Room B


Mobedi, M.

119: Computational Determination of Volume Averaged Transport Properties of Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media by Using Micro-tomography Images



11:55 - 13:10

Session 4-1-A                                         Turbulent Transport                                   Chair: Bianca Vaglieco     Lecture Hall

11:55 - 12:16

Kenjeres, S.; Zinsmeester, R.; Pyrda, L.; Fornalik-Wajs, E.; Szmyd, J. S.

088: Heat Transfer Control in Thermo-Magnetic Convection of Paramagnetic Fluids in Laminar, Transient and Turbulent Regimes

12:16 - 12:34

Fleau, S.; Vincent, S.; Mimouni, S.

092: Les Simulations of Turbulent Two-Phase Flows Within a Multifield Approach

12:34 - 12:52

D'Ausilio, A.; Stankovic, I.; Merci, B.

139: Study of a Turbulent Nitrogen-Diluted Hyrogen-Air Diffusion Flame Through Large-Eddy Simulations Coupled with a First Order Conditional Moment Closure Method

12:52 - 13:10

Lamberts, O.; Chatelain, P.; Bartosiewicz, Y.

166: Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Flow Within a Supersonic Ejector



11:55 - 13:10

Session 4-1-B  Hybrid Methods & Energy Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage                 Chair: George J. Nelson     Room A

11:55 - 12:16

Jain, A. (Invited Talk)

094: Analytical Methods for Understanding Multiscale Thermal Transport in Li-Ion Batteries

12:16 - 12:34

Jaluria, Y.; Tabrizi, A. B.

136: Solution of An Inverse Problem To Determine Heat Source Strength and Location

12:34 - 12:52

da Silva, B. N. M.; Assad, G. E.; de Lima, J. A.

225: Analysis of the Hall and Ion-Slip Effects in a Mhd Channel Flow: A Hybrid Approach

12:52 - 13:10

Tokumasu, T.

245: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Transport Phenomena in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell



11:55 - 13:10

Session 4-1-C  Modeling of Thermal Management Systems I                             Chair:  Vincenzo Bianco     Room B

11:55 - 12:10

Wang, P.; He, W.; Mauer, G.; Mücke, R.; Vaßen, R.

089: Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Plasma Spray Physical Vapor Deposition

12:10 - 12:25

Gradinger, T. B.; Laneryd, T.

096: A Numerical Code for the Simulation of Natural-Convection Cooling of Subsea Electrical Power Converters

12:25 - 12:40

Mahmoud, Y. E.; Aboelsoud, W.; El baz, A. M.

105: Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Earth- To-Air Heat Exchanger Using Porous Media

12:40 - 12:55

Goto, M.; Takeda, H.; Shimizu, K.; Shimaike, K.

110: Development of Device for Detecting Helium Leak from Canister -Analytical Study for Temperature Behavior During Gas Leak from Small Pressurized Vessel

12:55 - 13:10

Lee, J. W.; Kim, W. S.

208: Numerical Study on Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristic of Cfvs Under Accident Condition



13:10 - 14:30




14:30 - 16:00

Session 4-2-A  Boundary Layers       Chair: Oronzio Manca     Lecture Hall

14:30 - 14:52

Seth, G. S.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Mishra, M. K.

171: Double Diffusive Mhd Free Convective Flow of Walter’S Liquid-B Fluid Past a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet with Partial Velocity Slip

14:52 - 15:14

Seth, G. S.; Tripathi, R.

172: Thermocapillarity and Viscous Dissipation Effects on Mhd Thin Film Flow of a Casson Fluid in a Non-Darcy Porous Medium with Variable Surface Tension

15:14 - 15:36

Leontiev, A. I.; Lushchik, V. G.; Makarova, M. S.

241: Turbulent Prandtl Number in the Near-Wall Region: Investigation of the Effect of the Molecular Prandtl Number, Transpiration and Longitudinal Pressure Gradient

15:36 - 15:58

Zhao, Y.; Lei, C.; Patterson, J. C.

275: Effects of Surface Curvature on the Thermal Boundary Layer Developing Along the Surface of An Isothermally Heated Vertical Cylinder



14:30 - 16:00

Session 4-2-B  CFD for Aerodynamics and Cooling in Turbomachinery & Numerical Methods and Simulations for Compact Heat Exchangers   Chair:  Asal Sharif       Room A

14:30 - 14:45

Beniaiche, A.; Carcasci, C.; Facchini, B.

239: Contribution To the Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Inovative Trailing Edge Geometry of a Turbine Blade.

14:45 - 15:00

Kossov, V.; Zhakebayev, D.; Fedorenko, O.

314: Experimental and Numerical Mass Transfer Studies in Case of Convective Flows Occurrence in Isothermal Ternary Gas Mixtures

15:00 - 15:15

Sharif, A.; Ameel, B.; Bağcı, Ö.; Bokisova, L.; De Paepe, M.

169: Influence of Apex Angle on Thermal Hydraulic Behavior of a Polymeric Triangular Cross Corrugated Plate

15:15 - 15:30

Nikolova, I. P.

260: Flame Front Modeling Regardede as Surface of Discontinuity

15:30 - 15:45

Qian, J.; Gao, Z.; Wu, Z.; Jin, Z.; Sunden, B.

228: Effects of Dimple Cone Angles on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Dimple Jacketed Heat Exchanger

15:45 - 16:00

Allahyarzadeh-Bidgoli, A.; Dezan, D. J.; Yanagihara, J. I.

259: Performance Optimization of Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers Used in a Three Stage Propane Pre-Cooling Cycle of the Cascade Lng Plant



14:30 - 16:00

Session 4-2-C  Modeling of Thermal Management Systems II                 Chair:  Pietro Asinari    Room B

14:30 - 14:52

Konishi, K.; Tanaka, M.; Shigeta, M.; Murata, A.; Murata, T.; Murphy, A. B.

229: Computational Analysis of Arc Phenomena During Gta Welding with a Constricted Nozzle

14:52 - 15:14

Cosentino, S.; Borchiellini, R.; Lupinacci, F.; Mejias, J.; Verda, V.

287: Integrating 1D and 3D Modeling for the Analysis of Ventilation Control in Tunnels

15:14 - 15:36

Tascini, A. S.; Armstrong, J.; Chiavazzo, E.; Fasano, M.; Asinari, P.; Bresme, F.

327: Thermal Transport  across  Nanoparticle-Fluid Interfaces

15:36 - 15:58

Singh, R. K.; Sharma, R. V.

073: Numerical Simulation of Ground Temperature Variation for Time Variant Boundary Condition



16:10 - 16:30

Closing Ceremony